Monday, February 4, 2013

WTF, friend! KTF!

Pop quiz – WTF, friend!  KTF!  (Know The Facts)

Here's a pop quiz on how to be a good friend.

The congress will not work with the president, what do you do?
a) Replace the president

b) Replace the congress

c) scream that government does not represent you, and then decide either not to vote, or continue to vote for political and intellectual infants

d) decide you are no longer going to be taken advantage of and do the ten minutes of research to KTF

You hear something about government that makes you so mad!
a) complain and do nothing

b) complain and repeat what you ‘heard’ without fact-checking properly

c) spread it with an eye-roll suggesting, “Here we go again!”

d) take the ten minutes to KTF, pass on the truth in context

3) You KTF something that made you mad, and found out it was true
a) assume you’re right to be mad, and get angrier

b) shrug and say, “Well that’s just the way the world works.”

c) Use it to justify doing something you, yourself know is wrong

d) KTF to know why, be open to changing your opinion, empathize to figure out the real problem, and then pass on the truth in context

4) You KTF something that made you mad, and found out it wasn’t true
a) Pass it on anyway because you don’t like the person it’s about

b) do nothing because if you say anything, you will be in the wrong socially

c) deny the truth, because it feels so much better to be angry and irrational

d) send the person who told you a “WTF, friend! KTF!” letter

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