Sunday, February 3, 2013

Aaron Sorkin predicted the future!!

In September 1999 a new pilot was aired on NBC.  The name of it was The West Wing and it was a show about the human side of the white house.  It was an Aaron Sorkin show.  Say what you want about his politics, he has a knack for writing dialogue that presents an excellent discussion on many topics important to those watching.

In the pilot they covered abortion, immigration, gun control, insulting an influential but radical Christian right group, and even mentioned Gaddafi.  And that was just the pilot.

I can only conclude that The West Wing had the uncanny ability of predicting the future.  I'm going to keep watching - maybe I can find out what the big issue will be next year!

Surely, it wasn’t talking about current issues of 1999.  That would mean we have been fighting over the same issues for 14 years.  And probably using those issues as political tools while the public allowed themselves to be placed on an emotional roller-coaster in order to keep them from actually participating in what could be a problem-solving society.

We aren't that foolish!  We are too smart of a country to be treadmilled!

He now is working on The News Room.  Another show.  Different premise.  But same discussions.  Perhaps The News Room will predict what we will be talking about in 2023.   So far it’s just about recent news, so it will probably be irrelevant by 2023, don’t ya think?  Maybe he's lost his touch.

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