Thursday, December 6, 2012

what a sacrifice!

Sacrifice for honor is a huge idea in our culture.   We can be talked into amazing things if put in the guise of sacrifice to do the honorable thing.  Sometimes we are talked into putting in more work than we expect to be compensated for.  Sometimes we bow out of luxuries for the good of the group.  In general, in our history, it is seen as a good thing in retrospect as we a society realize that the actors had a genuine and honest take on what needed to be done, despite the confusion of the daily fog.

It seems as though, lately, there has been a different kind of branding of sacrifice.  In order to solve our country’s problems, it’s going to take hard work – and well, problem solving.  But there are easier ways.

Short-cuts.  Usually, they would be viewed as piss poor attempts at policy making, but I see now that it is being seen as sacrifice.

There is a large group of policy makers and experts working hard to find not only the answers to questions about how existing policies will affect us, but also potential solutions for new policies that could aid us even more.  They are doing the hard work.  And we are led to believe that they are not making the true sacrifice.  No, while they are up late working out those numbers, there are other heroes already in bed, or perhaps having a night cap with an old lobby buddy.

Those are the heroes who simply go for the short game.  The easy answer.  Mostly because it is a thinly veiled agenda for a smaller group to gain a short-term upper hand without concern for the long game. 

And when these ideas and pushes are marked as not good for the country and not proper solutions for our problems, they are marked as incredibly unpopular by the majority of society.  Yet, the representatives behind these initiatives persist.  And I used to think it was purely on the basis of where their funding and patronship came from.

Now, I see it as more heinous than that.  They actually feel as though they are making a sacrifice.  That they are playing the bad guy now, in face of an ignorant society, because down the line it was the right thing to do.  Blind faith filled the coffers of their soul years ago, and now they have decided that they must stick to their guns.

So you see … being on the wrong side of history – that is just a temporary situation.  In the end, it was those who were willing to be ostracized and ridiculed like the great thinkers of the past, who will see this society out of our current crisis. 

So, instead of trying to make Medicare run better and identifying ways to cut costs without sacrificing service, we must do something else.  Something that is easier on paper, but so difficult (a sacrifice politically even): make it more difficult to become eligible for Medicare.

Oh and letting the debt ceiling be an artificial bargaining chip.  Letting this country default on money already spent like some dead beat drunk who can’t pay off his cell-phone bill – yet another sacrifice.  You know, by doing so, you risk not being able to actually blame Obama successfully for it.  But you are willing to take that chance and, if needed, take the blame.  That is the sacrifice you would make for this country you love so much.

And forget that, by doing so, you are not only hurting this country in a very direct way, but you are opening the door for yet more executive powers to be granted by the people furthering the executive branch’s  skewed checks and balances because it seems necessary when the legislative branch can’t get its shit together.

Yes, I see now.  You poor souls, who were given the perfect excuse not to think issues out.  Instead of coming up with solutions that actually takes work and logic, you decided to go with an idea that allowed you to escape that, but with honor.  You were given the idea of sacrifice.  How hard it must be to bear that cross all day.

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